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Asunflower 10 Pack 6Ft FTDI USB to RJ45 fit 추천 Cisco Console Cable Windows Vista MAC Linux RS232 : 뉴욕아웃렛 - 네이버쇼핑Does this sound familiar? You're having fun with a game of black ops and just as your about to earn the achievement for most headshots with a pistol your console dies. The one sign of life is a red glow coming from the front of your console, what dangerous luck you've gotten the red ring of loss of life. This is what you must do next.
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Upload and download file - Upload/download file 1 Connect computer and console port with serial cable 2 Connect computer and out of band port with - 웹1. Don't panic. There isn't any must go rushing out to buy a new console. The purple light of demise can be fixed at home. A whole lot of instances it's something easy that's inflicting the rrod. Read through the next steps calmly and they should assist you solve repair your red ring of loss of lif

2. Flip the Xbox off at the primary power supply. Leave it for a couple of minutes before turning back on. Sometimes a energy surge can knock your console offline and this straightforward trick will reset the system. You may want to consider investing in a surge protector to assist avoid this problem sooner or late

3. Take a moment and verify all of the cables going into your console. Are they securely in place? Are they broken or worn? When the Xbox cannot detect the a/v cable you'll be able to see the crimson ring of death. If wanted you must substitute the data cable lg 8300 or borrow a friends till you may get a brand new on

4. Examine your Xbox for indicators of overheating. This purpose alone causes the pink lights in your Xbox to be displayed thousands of instances every year. If your console is vulnerable to overheating it could also be that the place your Xbox is positioned there isn't sufficient air getting to it. It could also be a good suggestion to purchase an additional fan for it. This may considerably cut back the chance of the crimson ring of deat

5. Verify your warranty if it is still legitimate then Microsoft will restore your Xbox free of cost. However if it has expired then you could find yourself paying around $150 for them to do it. Either approach you can be without your games console for approximately six week

6. The very last thing you may need to strive is to repair the console yourself. This is less complicated than you might imagine so long as you employ an Xbox 360 restore information. Utilizing such a handbook will make the restore course of so easy as they use movies along with step by step instructions. Following a guide on how to fix an Xbox will have you again gaming very quickly in any respect.