Doctors, nurses, and hospital administrators can use mPINC data to improve care practices and policies to better support their maternity patients. CDC sends a report to every participating hospital showing specific changes they can make to support breastfeeding mothers. For example, hospitals can use their scores to examine their current practices and identify ways to reduce delays in mother baby contact, improve patient education, eliminate unnecessary supplementation, facilitate and improve staff training on breastfeeding management and support, and strengthen their facility's policies related to breastfeeding..

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iphone 8 plus case 10 diseases you (wrongly) thought were goneIn recent years, England has seen a surge in cases, with cases tripling in 2014 from the seasonal average of 4,700 in 2013 to 15,637 in 2014, a recent study found.Infections continued to rise to nearly 20,000 in 2016, a 50 year high for the United Kingdom, according to the analysis.The health agency is also pushing family physicians, pediatricians and other health practitioners to be aware of the infection when assessing patients."Guidance on management of outbreaks in schools and nurseries has just been updated, and research continues to further investigate the rise," Theresa Lamagni, a senior epidemiologist at Public Health England, told CNN in a previous report. "We encourage parents to be aware of the symptoms of scarlet fever and to contact their (general practitioner) if they think their child might have it."Although anyone who gets strep throat can get scarlet fever, also known as scarlatina, the disease typically strikes children under the iphone x cases age of 10. Frequently spread by droplets via coughing and sneezing, group A Strep can also hide on doorknobs, plates and utensils for hours.Sore throat remedies: How to soothe a sore throatThe red rash that gives scarlet fever its name typically starts on the neck and face and spreads to the chest, the back and other parts of the body iphone 8 plus case..