Hot container is very popular among the Asian people.
Many individuals in other countries believe that this bowl is also spicy. Sure, Chongqing version is spicy. But you have to know there are so many other kinds of hot pot in China, such as for example seafood hot container (Guangdong), mutton hot container (Beijing), three tasting hot pot (Hangzhou), beef hot pot (Hong Kong) etc.
All of them are multi pressure cooker​ and du lịch bắc kinh giá rẻ từ hà nội worth a try.
Chinese hot pot is different from other Chinese dishes which would be grilled well before introducing them on the dining table. With this bowl, several types of semi-finished meat or veggies are taken to the eating desk, you then need certainly to cook them by your own. Both boiling temperature and boiling time are controlled by the dinners.

As a result, the meals should learn to cook them by themselves.
Quick boil: boil the meals in pot for a really small time.The techniques for immediate boiling: Firstly, you must pick the food that is suited to instant boiling; you need to bear in mind that not absolutely all the meals must certanly be conducted instant boiling. Typically, fresh food with soft consistency ought to be boiled for a short time such as for tour bắc kinh giá rẻ example lettuce, spinach and different vegetables with slim leaves.

For the food with heavier design, the boiling time must improve accordingly. Beef slices, mutton cuts an such like ought to be boiled for a relatively longer time; At the same time, you must view the preparing alcohol cautiously, when it rolls around constantly and there's enough light fat to them, you should commence to steam your meal immediately.
Additionally, you need to control the heat.Too powerful temperature may cause over prepared and if the warmth is also weak, the meals would however in natural condition. Be mindful when finding the meals with chopsticks especially when you are bad at applying chopsticks.

Total steam: steam the meals in pot for a lengthy time.Some food needs total boiling such as for example meat baseball, Du lịch bắc kinh ngắn ngày fish etc. Mushroom should be effectively cooked because organic edition might cause belly issue easily.
Having warm container should be on the basis of the principle of" meat or fish first, then veggies ".If you choose to have it at home, firstly you should purchase the spices from the store and make sure that food is fresh enough, also everything must certanly be really clean.