Each day I commute from Leeds to Manchester on the Trans Pennine Express. To get to my office near Victoria Station I avoid the direct route which would take me through the busy city centre and instead walk through the Northern Quarter. For those who are not familiar with this part of Manchester it is an up and coming area of Manchester with a feel of the likes of Londons Notting Hill and Manhattans Village. In fact I think the term UrbanVillage just about sums up the Northern Quarter. Im not saying that it is as refined as Notting Hill but it is aiming towards that kind of vibrant Indie culture.

At the Northern Quarter you will find independent restaurants, traditional bars, trendy bars and du lịch bắc kinh 5 ngày 4 đêm từ hà nội places which resemble a cross between a café, a bar and a student common room. People sit chatting, surfing on the free WiFi which is common place and having a sip of their favourite tipple.

There are occasions where I have to stay overnight in Manchester, usually for work related reasons but also for social reasons events. When I stay in Manchester it is the Northern Quarter where I prefer to stay simply because I like the feel and du lịch bắc kinh 5 ngày 4 đêm từ hà nội also because it is relatively quiet. There are some good hotels with names you will recognise and there are also smaller independent hotels. Prices range from budget to expensive. Quite a few of the pubs also offer accommodation at reasonable prices but standards do vary. Surprisingly, 실비보험비교사이트 there are a lot of hostels which are very popular with the young and foreign students. The prices are very competitive for what is good accommodation and it makes them very popular. If you want something a bit more sophisticated but dont want to stay in a hotel you could try one of the serviced apartments. Manchester has over 30 companies offering serviced apartments and the Northern Quarter has its fair share. When I stay overnight at Manchester, which I do often, I always prefer to stay in a Manchester serviced apartment within the Northern Quarter. I like serviced apartments because they offer space, comfort and du lịch bắc kinh 5 ngày 4 đêm giá rẻ a home from home environment. Hotels have their place but serviced apartments are much better in my opinion. I like the flexibility of being able to cook, 실비보험 sit on a proper sofa, put my beer in the fridge and 실비보험비교사이트 have the use of the many facilities. Its the little things like making some toast for your breakfast or supper, heating up a ready meal in the microwave and watching a DVD in the sitting area. Theres also the added advantage of being able to invite guests or have my wife come and stay at no additional cost.

So, if you are coming to Manchester, why not visit the Northern Quarter and see what it has to offer. Enjoy what it has to offer and use as a base to explore the rest of Manchester. You are only a few minutes walk to the main city centre so you really have the best of both worlds.

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